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Welcome to Health With Ani

This site was made by Bryani to share advice, tips, and inspiration, on health, nutrition, self-care, lifestyle, and overall wellness, while providing something fun and helpful to read. This blog covers a variety of topics in the wellness community like movement, relaxation, and overall tips on how you can feel and be your absolute best self while living your optimal life.

About Ani

Hello, My name is Bryani. I am 16 years old and I love trying and creating new recipes (which I share on my Instagram), eating lots of fruit, big salads, going for long walks, hikes, and moving my body in other ways. I always make sure I’m feeling my best. After High School, I plan to join a program to become a certified Health Coach where I can take on clients and help people on a more personal level. This past year I have greatly expanded knowledge on health and nutrition, and living a healthy lifestyle (of course there is always more to learn). In November of 2021 I switched to a plant-based diet, and in February of 2022 I went fully vegan and began eating a high fruit, high raw vegan diet. I’ve never felt better!

I wanted to create this blog to share my love for this amazing lifestyle, help others thrive, and find their happiest and healthiest selves. I am greatly inspired and fascinated by many people and have learned so much from them. My goal is to share my lifestyle, tips, advice, recipes, and fun little stories/thoughts with you all. Enjoy!

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